Wine macerated in stone vats

Natural method and indigenous grapes

Vini del Carso

In the vineyard as well as in the cellar, we simply try to accompany and take care of the vines during their natural cycle. For this reason we work the vineyard by hand, we only use organic fertilizers, favoring sustainable and natural treatments exclusively based on copper and sulfur.

We have decided to cultivate only autochthonous varieties of the Karst. Among the white grape varieties there are the savory Vitovksa and the aromatic Malvasia istriana, while among the red grape varieties the tannic Terrano.

Finally there is the Cuvee “Inkanto”, produced with Vitovska, Malvasia and 3 white grape varieties not yet recognized.

Olio dei Venti – our extra-virgin olive oil

Artisanal method

As in the vineyard, we also work the olive groves in full respect of the environment and nature. We only use organic fertilizers, always trying to find the balance between the needs of the plant and the potential of the soil.

We do not use herbicides: the spontaneous herbs are removed by shredding and subsequent mowings left in the field, while the pruning residues are reduced into small flakes and distributed in the field.

Olio dei Venti
Olio dei Venti Radovic


Bianchera – Belica is the autochthonous variety of the province of Trieste, particularly resistant to the gusts of Bora. The nose is medium-intense fruity, with hints of artichoke, green almond and tomato leaf. The taste has a characteristic note of bitter and spicy, which goes perfectly with vegetable soups, grilled meats, polenta, cheeses and mixed boiled meats.

Art Blend – is produced by different varieties, including Pendolino, Leccino, Maurino and Bianchera. The olives of each cultivar are hand picked separately and only subsequently assembled. The result is a more delicate oil than Bianchera, particularly suitable for accompanying fish dishes.

Dream Herbs. When grandfather Dušan tasted aromatic oil for the first time, memories of childhood spent in the pasture resurfaced, occasionally munching on some juniper berries. Hence the name Dream Herbs, which embodies a harmonious contrast given by aromatic herbs and rare red juniper berries. The aromatic oil is ideal with game dishes and aged cheeses.

Falesia. Just as the Duino cliffs have fascinated poets and artists, the rocky Adriatic coast has also inspired us. In the Falesia aromatic oil, the freshness of the mandarins of the Neretva river valley meets the flavor of Piran salt and the aromaticity of Karst rosemary. The oil is ideal for adding a little freshness to smoked dishes, but it is also excellent with a simple bruschetta.