Our products are mainly wine and extra-virgin olive oil. It is not a quantity production – both wine and oil often don’t make it to the end of the year – but it is mainly aimed for those, who appreciate the honest flavours and the genuine passion of people who produce them.

Red wines
Refosco – local dark-skinned grape varieties, with a deep violet colour and a slight bitterness. It can be enjoyed with everyday meals and goes best with meat.
Terrano – Refosko variety typical for Carso. It’s grown on “Terra Rossa” (red soil). It’s quite powerful and tannic and goes best with the traditional food of Carso, “raw ham – prosciutto crudo” and other cold cuts..

White wines
Malvasia Istriana – faint aromatic and fruity taste, goes great with fish.
Vitovska – another local variety that produces a dry white wine with a number of distinctive flavours, including sage, pears and so on, along with pronounced mineral notes and spices. Great as an appetizer, it matches very well with fish, fresh cheese and white meat.

We sell them on tap in our farm.

OLIO DEI VENTI, whose label is inspired by local art and the ancient technique of wood engraving. Colors that reminds you of the Karst region forged by winds, the sea, the limestone and the terra rossa.

Handpicked olives, pressed in the family olive mill within just four hours of being picked, strictly by cold extraction. Great care, precision and sacrifices are made in order to produce a high-quality extra virgin olive oil.

Product Lines

Bianchera – Belica, a single varietal from the province of Trieste, particularly resistant to the wind gusts of Bora. The oil exhibits high complexity and persistence with a medium-intense fruitiness, spiciness, bitterness, and notes of artichoke, fresh almond and tomato leaves.

Art Blend – a blend of different varieties, including Pendolino, Leccino, Maurino and Bianchera. The olives of each variety are harvested separately and only at the end are they blended together.

Dream Herbs, where aromatic herbs and red juniper berries are pressed together with olives, enclosing the harmony of Karst’s contrasts.

Olio dei Venti Radovic