• Pathways in the nature: where panoramas overlooking slopes and cliffs can be admired, such as Rilke path, Kugy path, Napoleonica path, the Fisherman’s path, leading from Aurisina to the sea.
  • Val Rosandra: a natural canyon, example of stream erosion in Carso, crossed by the Rosandra stream.
  • Isola della Cona a natural reserve of the mouth of Isonzo/Soča river and habitat of several botanical and wildlife species, ideal for birdwatching
  • The caves: Grotta Gigante – the Giant Cave – is the world biggest cave that can be visited by tourists; Torri di Slivia cave in Aurisina, Skocjan cave – Grotte di San Canziano, a natural wonder protected by UNESCO.
  • Carsiana a group of botanical gardens containing flora that can be found in Carso.
  • Castles: the San Giusto castle, a 15th century fortification in the centre of Trieste, Duino castle, standing on the cliffs above the sea and the must-see Miramare castle commissioned by the archduke Maximilian.
  • Carso villages, where examples of typical houses built of stones and surrounded by a high wall can be found. Watch out for a suspended branch of ivy. It indicates an opened osmizza where the producers invite visitors to taste their home-made wine.
  • Trieste, the city center, Piazza Unità, Cittavecchia, churches, museums, the tram of Opicina (a funicular railway which links the city with the Carso plateau).
  • The history. People of different religions, languages and cultures, from prehistory to The Second World War, have made a dent and left this land full of charm. Everyone can deepen the different paths, according to their personal taste and curiosity.

Whatever the reasons for your holiday in Trieste, staying at our farm is the best option.
We are 4 km from the beach of Sistiana, 18 km from Trieste, 16 km from the boarder with Slovenia. All the above mentioned places are just a couple of km away from us, and other destinations such as Grado, Aquileia, Udine and Ljubljana are only 1 hour away from us.